Double chin? Get rid of it!

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Double chin? Get rid of it!

It sounds like music, a double chin that can be removed, now we can finally get rid of this non-functional excess layer of bacon. Of course we already knew that this can be done surgically, but no one wants surgery, with the risk of complications. And I haven’t even talked about that terrible pressure bandage that you have to wear around your head so you can’t get out the door. It came over from America, where else, and was recently promoted by Khloe Kardashian, who else, the golden formula “Kybella”. In Europe, and in our case in Amsterdam, it is just called something else, named “Belkyra”. In any case, it comes down to the same thing. You only need a few visits to the doctor who applies the formula with a very fine needle to the problem area and the fat from the double chin disappears like snow in the sun. The formula has already proven itself since 2012 and the results do not lie. However, it is true that not everyone is suitable for this treatment and it is therefore necessary to first check whether it is possible and how many sessions are needed. After the treatment there is swelling, but this disappears after a few days, so you can pick up your daily work again unnoticed. The final result is clearly visible after a few months. More info? Make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our doctors.

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