Sculptra buttlift

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Sculptra buttlift

Nice, full, round buttocks. The Kardashians are known for it. The skinny girls and boys are a thing of the past. We all want a seductive and sexy buttom. Unfortunately, not all of us are born with it, and not everyone likes to visit a surgeon to do something about it. What was previously only accessible to the elite has now also reached the European marked, named: SCULPTRA! A miracle product against volume loss in the face and buttocks. A treatment with hardly any downtime gives you more volume in your jeans. No surgery, straight to work and perhaps best of all: you can sit immedialty after the treatment. This is something you are not allowed to after a surgical butttlift. Sculptra provides collagen production, which increases the volume in the buttocks. You will see the first results after 8 weeks and because it is less invasive you can slowly build it up to the desired result. It is suitable for different body types and also works very well against cellulite. For people who have done surgery in the past, it can also fix asymmetry or give you a little bit extra on top of it. The so called Sculptra Buttlift is worth it for so many reasons. Curious? Book an appointment with our doctor for a free consultation.

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