When choosing a doctor..

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When choosing a doctor..

When making the choice to visit a cosmetic medical clinic, it is very important to do proper research about the clinic first. What do you pay attention to when choosing a cosmetic clinic? Which doctors work there? How do I know if the doctor is not only licensed but competent? How come clinics charge different prices for the same treatments? A lot of questions that may come to your mind. In this blog I will try to share a number of tips and tricks so that you know what to look out for.

First of all, perhaps the most important tip, always check that the doctor with whom you have an appointment with is a real doctor / medical specialist. It sounds like a no-brainer, but even in the Netherlands it still happens that people without a medical background, so not authorized and not competent practice cosmetic medicine. How do you check this? Very easy at www.bigregister.nl. In the Netherlands, practicing the profession of doctor is protected and this title is only given to people who have completed the Medicine degree at the University.

Professional cosmetic clinics offering botuline toxine, fillers and skin therapy share their information on their website. They are very transparent about this. In principle there are also no secrets. It is important that you know who you are going to treat and that you can read something about that on the team page of the clinic. It is always advisable to book a consultation appointment with the clinic before undergoing (major) treatment. Consultations are often without obligation and you are therefore not committed to anything. It helps enormously to first talk to the doctor so that you can see if there is a good click and you understand each other well.

Why is the lip filler cheaper in one clinic than in another clinic? What does this have to do with? It has to do with a number of things. One (lip) filler is not the other. There are several brands in the pharmaceutical market. Different price tags are attached to these different brands. A good quality product is more expensive than a lower quality product. You should therefore always scratch your head when fillers are offered very cheap. What kind of fillers are they? Which brand is actually used? Dare to ask.

After all, it is not self-evident for everyone that an appointment with a doctor with years of experience in cosmetic medicine has a different price tag than the doctor who just came to see it. A doctor invests a lot in himself. Also the doctors who work at Xavier Clinics. We regularly engage in further training at home and abroad to ensure that customers receive the best cosmetic care. Cosmetic doctors are true artists. A good and experienced cosmetic doctor can achieve something with 1 syringe for which an inexperienced doctor needs several syringes. All in all, the expression “cheap is expensive” did not just come from anywhere.