Dermal Enhancement

Our skin always benefits from a bit of freshening up. The skin is exposed to outside influences each and every day. As we age, the quality of our skin diminishes as well, becoming drier and rougher in texture, for example. This is due to decreasing levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. To repair the skin, we employ a range of dermal enhancement techniques. The aim of these treatments is to hydrate your skin from the inside out and let it glow again.

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Consult a Medical Specialist

We always schedule a consultation prior to any treatment. During this meeting, the practitioner will listen to your wishes and explore ways to achieve your goal. The practitioner will provide you with extensive information on preparation and follow-up, what results to expect, possible risks and the recovery process for your chosen procedure.

The Procedure

Once you decide to have us perform a specific procedure, we will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire and sign a treatment contract before commencing the procedure. Do you take multiple medications? Please bring a list of your current medicines to your appointment.

We will take photographs for your medical records both before and after your treatment. In certain cases, we will apply local anesthesia to numb your skin prior to treatment, using either a numbing cream or a liquid anesthetic.


We will email you a follow-up form after the treatment. You can go straight home; there’s no need for you to stay at the clinic. The skin can often appear red and swollen after a treatment and some people may experience bruising. These side effects will go away on their own. If you were told to cool the treated area with the coolpack provided, it is important to follow this advice carefully. In case of bad bruises, we recommend applying Arnica ointment to the affected area.

The application of makeup to treated areas is not recommended for the first four hours after the procedure. Additionally, we advise against exposing these areas to intense heat (sun, sauna or tanning bed) for at least a week after treatment. Nor is it advisable to have any facials within two weeks of your procedure. After two weeks, you will be able to evaluate the final results of your treatment.

Should you have any questions concerning your recovery, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The risk of complications is very small. As with any intervention, there is a slight risk of infection or an allergic reaction.

An Overview of Our Treatments

PeelingsMicroneedlingMesotherapyElektrocoagulationCosmelanHappy Intim PeelNatural GlowProfhiloProfhilo SerumRestylane VitalKybella/BelkyraSculptra


A chemical peel is a treatment with a liquid solution consisting of natural acids. Peels provide a significant improvement in the overall skin condition, with stimulation of cell renewal and removal of dead skin cells. The skin becomes smoother, pigmentation spots are reduced, pores become less visible and the skin will grow, renew and rejuvenate. There are different types of acids with all different properties. This allows us to fully adapt each treatment to your skin. During the treatment, the practitioner will determine the appropriate peel for your skin.

– acne and residual acne
– skin rejuvenation
– reduced skin quality
– hyperpigmentation
– rosacea
– dry skin
– wrinkles and fine lines

The number of treatments depends on the intensity of the peeling and the sensitivity of the skin. A build-up of the strength of the peels may be necessary to improve the skin. Visible result is achieved by undergoing multiple treatments. It is recommended to undergo a treatment every 2-4 weeks until the desired result is achieved.

In general, the treatment is well tolerated. The feeling of a chemical peel is described as tingling, itching, burning and hot. During the treatment, a fan becomes used so that you have minimal discomfort.

It is important to properly support the skin after the treatment with special, on the
peeled skin tailored products. In this way, the recovery of the skin is stimulated. The practitioner will advise you on this. It is important to protect the skin well against UV radiation with at least SPF 30. In some cases the skin will flake slightly. Do not pick or scratch the loose skin.


The microneedling treatment is a very effective and hugely safe treatment method range of skin improvement and skin renewal. In this treatment, one controlled pathway of micro-channels are created in the skin. Because of this stimulation in the tissue is releasing growth factors that ensure the production of collagen and elastin. The skin gets renewed in the depth and beautified without damaging the top layer of skin. The skin gets an intensive boost and instant refresh, ultimately resulting in a thicker and smoother skin result. The skin will renews itself in a natural way: scars, wrinkles and pigmentation are faded. During the treatment, an active substance gets deeper into the skin applied, enhancing the effect.  We end the treatment with a SPF 50 recovery cream. Optionally, after the treatment, you can also choose a hyaluronic acid facial mask that soothes the skin, moisturizes and improves cell renewal. 


– (acne)scars
– skin rejuvenation
– hyperpigmentation
– large pores
– stretch marks
– wrinkles and fine lines

Visible results are achieved by undergoing multiple treatments, on average 3 times (every 4-6 weeks). Of course, every treatment with the dermapen will give a boost for the skin and will give improvement. The production of collagen and elastin is a gradual process whereby the result is not immediately fully visible, but after a number of months.

The treatment feels like small pricks in the skin and is not painful. The skin can possibly be sedated with a cream so that you hardly feel anything.

A microneedling treatment can make the skin flake. Do not scratch treated skin, the flakes disappear within a few days. Avoid hot showers, saunas, swimming and sports during the first 48 hours after treatment. Avoid UV rays for at least two weeks after the treatment and protect the skin with at least SPF30. Do not clean the treated area or apply creams, make-up or other products up to 24 hours after the treatment.


Mesotherapy is a technique where we inject active ingredients into the skin through small micro injections. These ingredients consist rich cocktails of vitamins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. A skin booster provides natural hydration and works anti-aging. The skin will be improved from within and collagen production will be stimulated resulting in less dry skin, reduction of imperfections and a “Healthy glow”. The pores of the skin will refine and fine lines will soften. The skin booster treatment can optionally be combined with microneedling to achieve an even better result. Microneedling improves the active ingredients spread and the skin more activated to attract moisture.

– fine lines
– skin rejuvenation
– dry skin
– large pores
– wrinkles and fine lines

The number of treatments required depends on the condition of the skin. Often there are 3 treatments required 2-4 weeks apart.

The treatment feels like small pricks in the skin and is not painful. The skin can possibly be sedated with a cream so that you hardly feel anything. It is important to properly support the skin after the treatment with special, on the skin tailored products. In this way, the result of the treatment is optimized. The practitioner will advise you on this. There is hardly any recovery time.


Electrocoagulation is a treatment method whereby skin imperfections are treated, effective and safe. These include milia (barley grains), fibroma (skin tags), dermatosis papulosa ligra and warts. The skin imperfections are heated with a needle through which electrical current flows. When the needle of the device touches the spot the area will heat up and shrink to a crust. These crusts disappear within a few days to a week resulting in smooth skin.

– milia (grain of barley)
– verruca seborrhoïca
– fibroma (skin warts)
– dermatosis papulosa ligra
– warts

On average, 1 to 2 treatments are required. The treatment is not completely painless but of very short duration. The heat sensation differs per area.

Do not scratch the treated skin, let the spots heal slowly. Crusts fall within a few days to a week off. Avoid hot showers, saunas, swimming and sports during the former 24 hours after the treatment. After 24 hours, you may gently pat the skin dry, do not rub. Avoid UV radiation for at least two weeks after treatment and protect the skin with minimum SPF30. 


The Cosmelan treatment is one of the best depigmentation treatments worldwide for removal of pigmentation spots on light/dark skin. Superficial pigment can be treated well with a medical peel or with the pigment laser. Deeper pigment is sometimes very difficult to get rid of. For this deeper located pigment, Mesoestetic has developed the Cosmelan treatment, which is suitable for all skin types (skin type 1 to 6). It is a very effective treatment to reduce pigmentation spots. The entire treatment process takes an average of 6 months and consists of a treatment that is combined with home products.

– Pregnancy mask (melasma)
– Age spots (lentiges solaris)
– Pigment created after trauma (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
– Sun damage
– Pigmentation after use of medication
– Skin rejuvenation

The treatment
The Cosmelan treatment is carried out in three parts:

Step 1: In the clinic, a preparatory peeling is first performed on the skin to prepare for the Cosmelan treatment.
Step 2: 2 days after the preparatory peeling, you come to the clinic for the Cosmelan 1 therapy. An intensive mask is applied and applied to the face for 8-12 hours. After the specified time, remove the mask at home. After this, start right away with the lubrication of the Melan recovery and an SPF 130. You will receive these products in the clinic.
Step 3: After 2 days you start applying the Cosmelan 2. You use the Cosmelan 2 during the first month 3 times a day. When the pigment has diminished, you will start reducing of the Cosmelan 2. You will be supervised and guided throughout the treatment process of 6 months every 4 weeks there is a check-up appointment to view the progress of the skin.

The skin will feel slightly burning and tight. This is normal, especially during the first 24-48 hours after the start of treatment. To reduce this, use the supplied Melan Recovery. The skin will be a bit red after the Cosmelan treatment. Flaking can be on the second or third day in all skin types. It is advisable to use the Melan Recovery and apply this 3 times a day. A week after the treatment, the skin starts to improve. The best however, results are seen between 1 to 4 weeks and occur in 95% of cases. The pigmentation will be significantly reduced or even disappear. During the whole treatment process, it is extremely important to only use the Mesoestetic products that the skin therapist will advice.

Happy Intim Peel

HAPPY Intim® Happy Peel is a special, medical TCA peeling for the intimate area to smooth and lighten the skin in the pubic area and the armpits, strengthen and improve the overall skin condition in this area. The Happy Peel contains pain relief, which makes the treatment not painful.

The treatment
The area to be treated is first cleaned and marked. The Happy Peel will be applied with a swab. The skin will immediately turn red/white. After the peeling has been applied, the HAPPY Intim® Lightening Cream will be applied. this cream will support recovery and results. You will take this product home with you. The first day after the treatment, the skin will feel a bit dry and tight. Usually the skin will get bored on day 3. This can last up to 7 days after treatment. The treatment is repeated after 2 weeks.

– Hyperpigmentation
– Bad skin structure
– Skin sagging
– Suitable for the armpits and the anogenital region

Number of treatments
For optimal results, the treatment is performed 2 times with an interval of 2 weeks.

– Two weeks before the treatment, during the entire treatment process and 6 weeks after the treatment the sun and sunbeds should be avoided.
– The HAPPY Intim® Lightening Cream should be applied twice a day.
– Laser hair removal is allowed again after 2 months after the last treatment.
– Good hygiene is very important. Preferably wear clean, cotton underwear during and after treatment.

Natural Glow Treatment

During this treatment, the skin is intensively cleansed and impurities are deleted. After the deep cleaning an ampoule is applied consisting of glycolic acid, vitamin F and vitamin E. This reduces imperfections, pores, wrinkles and expression lines. The skin gets a softer structure and gives the skin an immediate boost. This treatment ends with a facial mask that soothes the skin, moisturizes and renews the skin cells. The treatment is suitable for anyone who immediately wants a ‘natural glow’ without downtime.


Profhilo is an anti-aging treatment that uses pure hyaluronic acid without any additional chemicals. With only five jabs per side of the face, this is a minimally invasive treatment, and you can go right back to your daily activities afterwards without anybody noticing. The positive impact of Profhilo treatments is due to the production of collagen and elastin and stimulation of the fat tissue. This is known as bio-remodeling. The Profhilo treatment makes all the various layers of your skin healthy and firm again. An important advantage of this treatment is that it rejuvenates your skin without adding facial volume. It genuinely repairs the skin and targets any laxity. Profhilo can also be used to tighten up the neck, chest, hands, upper arms or legs. To obtain the best possible result, we recommend a course of at least two or three Profhilo treatments, with approximately 28 days between sessions. After six months you will need a maintenance session.

Profhilo Serum Haenkenium

Profhilo Haenkenium combines hyaluronic acid (HA) complex with the patented salvia haenkei extract, Haenkenium, which functions as an antioxidant, protects the skin against premature aging and hyperpigmentation, restores the barrier function, relieves skin irritation and provides hydration to the skin. According to IBSA Italy, it combines 2 different molecular weights; the high molecular weight HA creates the protective effect and the low molecular weight contributes to optimal hydration of the skin.

Salvia Haenkei helps to protect against free radicals. Furthermore, the product is ideal for use after aesthetic treatments such as botox, fillers and peels, but it can also be added to your daily skincare routine. Suggested use: twice a day.

Restylane Vital Skinbooster

Restylane Vital skinbooster treatments are specially developed to nourish your skin and enhance its structure and condition quickly and lastingly. They gradually improve the quality of your skin from within. Hydrating micro-injections of hyaluronic acid replenish your natural hyaluronin acid reserves, enhancing your skin from the inside and stimulating the production of collagen. This reduces unevenness and lines, leaving your skin smooth and supple with a ‘healthy glow.’

The product can also help to fade old (acne) scars and is suitable for use on the hands, chest and neck as well. This product is administered as a course of treatment. That means we administer the product in three sessions, with two to four weeks between treatments. After that you will require a maintenance session every six months.

Kybella / Belkyra

Kybella has been well-known in the United States for many years. In Europe, this product is marketed as Belkyra. The active ingredient is deoxycholic acid. This substance is naturally present in the body and is used to break down the fats in our food.

A double chin consists primarily of fat tissue. This is precisely what makes the product ideally suited to breaking down that tissue. As the destroyed fat cells are no longer capable of storing fat, your double chin shrinks. The body disposes of the degraded fat cells without further intervention.

If you are interested in this treatment, we will first schedule a consultation. During this meeting, the practitioner will investigate your problem area and discuss whether this treatment is appropriate. If this is the case, they will also estimate how many sessions will be required to achieve your goal. The treatment involves injection of the liquid into the fatty tissue under your chin. It is important to cool the treated area well. This is because the treatment will cause your lower chin to swell and redden. Some bruising may occur, but this will fade away on its own.


Sculptra is a 100% biodegradable polylactic acid incorporated in hydrogel. The product has already proven itself in America for the past 25 years and is therefore FDA-approved. The product is suitable for the face and for the body. It can be used against cellulite, hip dips, subcutaneous imperfections after surgery and what it has become particularly famous for: giving volume to the buttocks. This avoids costly surgical intervention to fill the buttocks. An additional advantage is that daily activities can be continued immediately and the chance of complications is much smaller. Sculptra is completely absorbed by the body and eventually disappears completely from the body. The treating doctor applies the Sculptra solution just under the skin using small, thin needles. Because inserting the needle into the skin can be sensitive in some places, the doctor often uses a combination of Sculptra with a local anesthetic. Slight swelling is normal in the first hours after treatment. Immediately after the treatment, the volume-restoring effect of Sculptra is visible. After the first two weeks, that effect diminishes again, because the polylactic acid spreads in the skin. Then the new collagen starts to form. It takes a few weeks for the final result to become visible. The effect of Sculptra treatments is sustainable. The effect is visible for two to four years. After two years, Sculptra has been completely replaced by the body’s own collagen.

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