Our fillers are based on hyaluronic acid. The product we use occurs naturally in the body and is biodegradable. Since the product is already naturally present, it is very safe to use, with minimal risk of allergic reactions. We use hyaluronic acid to give the face more volume, improve the contours and proportions or smooth out wrinkles and lines.

We use hyaluronic acid of different thicknesses for each specific facial issue. Your treatment will remain effective for 6-12 months on average, after which it will need to be repeated to maintain the desired effect.

Your skin may be a bit red after treatment, with the occasional small bruise. This will fade, of course. The final results of your filler treatment will be clearly discernible after 14 days.

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Consult a Physician

We always schedule a consultation prior to any treatment. During this meeting, the practitioner will listen to your wishes and explore ways to achieve your goal. The practitioner will provide you with extensive information on preparation and follow-up, what results to expect, possible risks and the recovery process for your chosen procedure.

The Procedure

Once you decide to have us perform a specific procedure, we will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire and sign a treatment contract before commencing the procedure. Do you take multiple medications? Please bring a list of your current medicines to your appointment.

We will take photographs for your medical records both before and after your treatment. In certain cases, we will apply local anesthesia to numb your skin prior to treatment, using either a numbing cream or a liquid anesthetic.


We will email you a follow-up form after the treatment. You can go straight home; there’s no need for you to stay at the clinic. The skin can often appear red and swollen after a treatment and some people may experience bruising. These side effects will go away on their own. If you were told to cool the treated area with the coolpack provided, it is important to follow this advice carefully. In case of bad bruises, we recommend applying Arnica ointment to the affected area.

The application of makeup to treated areas is not recommended for the first four hours after the procedure. Additionally, we advise against exposing these areas to intense heat (sun, sauna or tanning bed) for at least a week after treatment. Nor is it advisable to have any facials within two weeks of your procedure. After two weeks, you will be able to evaluate the final results of your treatment.

Should you have any questions concerning your recovery, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The risk of complications is very small. As with any intervention, there is a slight risk of infection or an allergic reaction.

An Overview of Our Treatments

LipsTear troughsNasolabial foldNose correctionJawlineChin correctionCheekbonesTemporal HollowSmoker’s linesMarionette linesLiquid FaceliftHyalase


Lip fillers are the most popular treatment by far at the moment. A fuller pout fits our current concept of ideal beauty. Your lips decrease in volume as you age, but you can also simply be born with thinner lips. In some cases, the presence of asymmetry or a correction can be a reason to opt for lip augmentation as well. Lip fillers aren’t just suited to adding volume and definition, they can also be used to hydrate and firm the lips. Treatment with lip fillers will produce a nice natural ‘lip plumping’ effect. Various lip filling methods are available. One well-known technique that we use is the ‘Russian Method.’ We can adjust the method to fit your desired results. This treatment is appropriate for a range of ages. The lip fillers that we offer are non-permanent and will be degraded by the body over time. We recommend getting another treatment after six months to maintain the effect you want.

Tear Troughs

The tear trough is the area between the inside corner of the eye and the top of the cheek. This area tends to be more sunken and sometimes the skin is darker too. This darker hue is often due to a combination of factors; under eye shadowing, pigmentation and the veins below showing through. The end result is that you always look tired. A special filler can plump up the area. We make use of a specific filler; the only filler on the market to be developed specially for use in this area. Filling up the tear trough won’t just address a lack of volume, it can also help to lighten the area. A shallower surface creates fewer shadows, after all. The result is an alert, well-rested gaze. We recommend renewing this treatment every 12-18 months.

Nasolabial folds

The nasolabial fold is the fold that runs next to the nostrils towards the corner of the mouth. It’s a line that typically deepens as we age or lose a lot of volume in the face. It gives a less youthful, sometimes sad and tired look in the face. By filling this fold with fillers, the face regains its softer and more youthful appearance. The fillers are placed directly under the skin, as a result of which the fold folds up and the depth decreases. Sometimes this treatment is done in combination with the cheekbones / cheeks. This is often the case with a lot of volume loss due to age, for example. By filling this area, the face is beautifully restored. Fillers for these indications are not permanent and should be repeated after 6-12 months to maintain the result.

Nose Correction

For a long time, people thought the only way to enhance a nose was through surgical intervention, by having a nose job. These days, fillers can also achieve significant improvements, however. Examples include the use of fillers to straighten the bridge of the nose or to lift the tip slightly. Our practitioners have mastered these advanced techniques. As not every nose will be suitable for such treatment, however, we always review the possibilities beforehand. Nose correction using fillers, a so-called liquid nose job, will not affect the size of your nose. In fact, straightening the bridge will make it seem smaller and narrower. To maintain the treatment’s effectiveness, you will need to schedule a repeat session after 6-12 months.


The jaw is the foundation of the face. A clean, strong jawline indicates youth. If this is less apparent, fillers will make up for the lack. They often also create a lifting effect and can disguise a double chin; a nice side benefit. This treatment is gaining in popularity with both women and men. A taut, angular jaw makes your face look stronger. All in all, it’s clear that jawline filler can help to enhance the lines of your face. The treatment makes use of a thick, hylauronic acid filler that will remain present for 12 months on average. You will need another treatment after six months to maintain the effect you want.

Chin Correction

A weak or receding chin makes for a less imposing profile. This condition is due to genetics and can be improved by surgical means, but also much more easily through the use of fillers. Injecting fillers into the chin increases its forward projection, providing a more forceful appearance. As the chin is part of the jaw, chin augmentation automatically produces a cleaner jawline as well. Other possible interventions include creating a pointier chin for a sexy, feminine V-shape or filling a cleft chin. The results of the treatment are immediately visible and can be enjoyed for up to 12 months. After this period the procedure must be repeated to maintain the effect.


Your cheekbones are the frame that gives shape to your face. As you age or if you lose a lot of weight, your cheekbones become less pronounced, turning your face’s youthful V-shape into a sad A-shape. To fix this, we restore volume over the cheekbones, lifting the framework of the face. This makes your cheeks nice and full again. To keep enjoying the treatment’s results, it will need to be repeated after 12 months or so.

Temporal Hollow

Temporal hollows can be caused by genetics or due to an unhealthy lifestyle or caused by the natural aging process. We also call this loss of volume and in this case next to the eyes. Inadvertently, hollow temples can make your face look tired. While maintaining the natural appearance, it can make a huge difference to fill the temples with a filler. It returns the fresh look because it regains the round shape of the face. For this indication, the doctor uses a volume filler that is safely applied to the temples. The result is optimal 2 weeks after the treatment and will last up to 12 months. Repetition of the treatment is important after this to maintain the desired result. A side note to this treatment is that people who have had a surgical facelift in the past are unfortunately not eligible for this treatment.

Smoker’s Lines

These fine wrinkles above the lips are sometimes known as lip lines or barcode lines. The name is somewhat unjustified, as non-smokers of a certain age can be affected as well. Such lines can make your face look drawn and are associated with aging. A soft filler can smooth out the lines, making them less obvious. Sometimes, the procedure is combined with an injection of botulinum toxin to temporarily deactivate the muscle that is the source of the lines. The filler will remain effective for 6-12 months, after which the treatment must be repeated.

Marionette lines

These are the lines running from the corners of your mouth down to your jaw. They’re similar to the lines along a puppet’s mouth. Such lines tend to make your face look sad. As you grow older, the quality of your skin decreases and your face loses its plumpness, causing these lines to form. A filler smooths out the lines or folds, raising the corners of your mouth for a happier appearance. The filler plumps the area up nicely for a soft, friendly look. The treatment remains effective for 6-12 months on average, after which it must be repeated to maintain the effect.

Liquid Facelift

When your face has lost volume in multiple areas, a single treatment will no longer suffice. Different treatments must be combined to achieve the desired results. Which specific procedures are most appropriate depends on the individual and you will need to discuss this extensively with our practitioner before undergoing treatment. The use of fillers, often in combination with botulinum toxin, can help to delay the need for a facelift. Possibilities include procedures to accentuate the contours of the face, add volume, bring back the original V-shape and smooth out wrinkles. Please don’t hesitate to come by for a free consultation so that we can discuss your desires and explore your options, with no obligation.


Are you unhappy with how your filler treatment turned out? No worries; your treatment is reversible. If you’d rather not wait for your body to break down the filler on its own, Hyalase can speed up the process. The active ingredient is hyaluronidase, a substance which dissolves the hyaluronic acid in non-permanent fillers. That means there’s always a Plan B. The practitioner adminsters Hyalase at the site of the unwanted filler. This product requires two weeks to do its work, after which you will be able to see the results. In specific cases, an additional Hyalase treatment may be required after this period to make the filler disappear completely. Do you want to add new filler afterwards? We recommend waiting at least two to four weeks after your last Hyalase session before undergoing treatment.

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