Our Philosophy

Our goal is to help all our clients realize their best self. Whatever your age, we believe that everyone is unique. We listen carefully to your wishes and take our time during your initial consultation to help you accentuate your beauty. Our years of experience and expertise with injectables and skin therapy allow us to offer you personalized advice. We are committed to natural-looking results and are eager to show you how injectables can be used to achieve subtle improvements, without this being immediately obvious to the people around you. We only work with superior products, but at an affordable price. Nothing is lovelier than meeting a confident smile in the mirror every day!

Our Team

We are the faces of the Xavier team. We have one thing in common and that is our boundless love of beauty. We invest continuously in further training and education, ensuring that we are always up to date on the latest technologies and developments in our field.

Ineke Zegstroo

Physician (BIG8992948901)

Ineke completed her medical studies at the VUmc in 2016. As part of her subsequent practice, she spent time working in Aruba and Suriname. After several years of hospital experience, in early 2019 she began training as a primary care physician, which also involves the performance of minor surgical interventions. As a primary care physician, she is well aware of the close relationship between mental health and the body; feeling comfortable in your own skin is good for your health! That’s why she enjoys working with cosmetic injectables in addition to primary care. “You get to make your clients genuinely happy, and how wonderful is it to be able to magnify the beauty that’s already there?”

Marie Kuijt

Physician (BIG89917894701)

Marie Kuijt, MD has more than six years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. She is known for her personal approach, honest advice and the natural, perky results of her treatments. Marie trained as a physician at the University of Amsterdam, completing her studies with honors. During her training she focused on dermatology (AMC). After obtaining her medical degree, her interest in cosmetic medical treatments led her to work in aesthetic medicine. Naturally, she continues to attend workshops and conventions regularly in order to stay informed of the latest treatment options. She is a member of the NVCG (Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine).

Oran Ayubi

Physician (BIG19923268801)

Oran trained as a physician at the University of Amsterdam. After her studies, she focused more specifically on the field of aesthetic medicine. She has worked with us for many years and is a master of her craft. She is passionately committed to accentuating our clients’ individual beauty without sacrificing their unique identity. Her strength is the ability to maintain the right balance in creating the necessary changes to a face. She is a member of the NVCG as well.

Charlotte van Laar

Physician (BIG89917573801)

Dr. Charlotte van Laar graduated in 2013 as a medical doctor and she is currently specializing as a cardiologist. In addition to working in the hospital and Xavier Clinics, she attaches great importance to scientific research. In 2019 Charlotte obtained her doctorate at the University of Amsterdam. Charlotte has always had a passion for aesthetic medicine. Care, quality and accentuating natural beauty are her priorities.

Melda Özmen

Skin Therapist (BIG39101866788)

Melda successfully completed the Skin Therapy course in 2016 at the Hogeschool Utrecht. During her studies she discovered that she has a passion for the cosmetic side of the business. She gained a lot of work experience at various clinics in the Netherlands and abroad. She has an eye for details and is happy to give you honest advice. The variety in her profession makes her job very enjoyable and she likes to pass on her knowledge.


Skin Specialist

As a student, Rosa worked for cosmetics chain ICI Paris XL, where her love of beauty first revealed itself. She followed regular training to learn about all the latest products on the market. She gained years of experience in this area and it remains a daily source of interest. Under the guidance of a dermal therapist, she has specialised in the microneedling technique. Rosa has an eye for detail and is a careful worker. In addition to her work at Xavier Clinics, Rosa is also a psychologist; she has a sympathetic ear at the ready for everyone.



Julia loves to dance from an early age. She is educated at the dance academy. After years of working for events and living in Miami for a while, she is now studying Psychology. In her spare time she works as a hostess at Xavier. Because she has always worked in the event industry, she is aware of how important it is to feel confident in your own body. Julia is happy to welcome you at Xavier with a nice cup of coffee and a smile.



In 2019 Daniëlla obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is currently completing a Master’s in Marketing. To her, the most interesting aspect of marketing is the power of social media and influencers. Her studies are a perfect fit for our still-maturing practice. She frequently provides us with advice and is an indispensable member of our team. Her input keeps our social media up to date and ensures that we don’t miss out on the latest marketing strategies. When she isn’t studying, she is happy to welcome you to our clinic as our hostess.



From an early age, Sime has had a fascination for and interest in the field of aesthetic medicine. Nor is she averse to taking advantage of the options herself. She considers herself a practical expert and is well qualified to inform our clients about the expected results and recovery process. She knows exactly how you will feel, both before and after treatment, and is happy to offer support. She will provide you with a delicious cup of coffee or a glass of water as she puts you at ease. Nothing gives her greater fulfillment than to see you walk out of the clinic again, pleased and satisfied. In addition to her duties at Xavier Clinics, Sime also works as a plastic surgery consultant. If you are interested in following this path, she is happy to help!



Homeira has been part of our clinic from the beginning. She uses her legal background to ensure that all the formalities are in order. Her primary duties are to make sure that all your data is safely stored in our electronic health records and that you receive the correct information prior to and following your treatment. This jill-of-all-trades also has experience as a financial consultant, making her invaluable in our accounting. She also acts as our hostess on occasion. She loves to chat and is happy to offer you a cup of coffee and put you at ease.

Quality and Safety

At Xavier, we are always working to improve the quality of our care. This is essential to provide our clients with the best possible care. We carry out internal safety and hygiene quality inspections at regular intervals. We also use only high quality, name brand products, developed over years of scientific research, to ensure the provision of reliable, predictable treatment.

When you visit our clinic, we must ask you to provide us with certain personal and medical information. You can rely on us to store this (medical) data safely, including any photos. We will obtain your explicit consent before using any of your photographs for training or education, scientific research or commercial purposes. Medical law stipulates that we must store your records for 15 years. You have the right to access your personal data. If you want to view your data, please send an email request to info@xavierclinics.nl