Our Philosophy

Our goal is to help all our clients realize their best self. Whatever your age, we believe that everyone is unique. We listen carefully to your wishes and take our time during your initial consultation to help you accentuate your beauty. Our years of experience and expertise with injectables and skin therapy allow us to offer you personalized advice. We are committed to natural-looking results and are eager to show you how injectables can be used to achieve subtle improvements, without this being immediately obvious to the people around you. We only work with superior products, but at an affordable price. Nothing is lovelier than meeting a confident smile in the mirror every day!

Our Team

We are the faces of the Xavier team. We have one thing in common and that is our boundless love of beauty. We invest continuously in further training and education, ensuring that we are always up to date on the latest technologies and developments in our field.

Marie Kuijt

Doctor (BIG89917894701)

Doctor Marie Kuijt has 10 years of experience in cosmetic medicine in the Netherlands and Switzerland.
She is known for her personal approach, honest advice and treatment results with a natural and fresh outcome.

Marie studied medicine at the University of Amsterdam, where she graduated with honors. During her studies, she studied dermatology (AMC) and because of her interest in medical-aesthetic treatments, she started working as a doctor in cosmetic medicine after obtaining her medical exam.

It goes without saying that she constantly visits workshops and conferences at home and abroad to gain access to the latest treatment techniques.

Imane Takhama

Dentist (BIG09921100402)

In 2016, Imane completed her Dentistry degree at the University of Amsterdam. From an early age she wanted to do something with her interest in aesthetics. During her dental and facial surgery internships, she came into contact with gender surgery. A new world opened up for her and the decision was there: she was going to study Medicine. She followed the bachelor's degree in Medicine at the Free University of Amsterdam. In the meantime, she followed several botox and fillers masterclasses worldwide and with her more than 6 years of experience, she has internally trained the doctors who work at Xavier Clinics.

Charlotte van Laar

Doctor (BIG89917573801)

Dr. Charlotte van Laar graduated as a medical doctor in 2013 and then specialized in cardiology. In addition to working in the hospital and Xavier Clinics, she attaches great importance to scientific research. Charlotte obtained her PhD at the University of Amsterdam in 2019 and graduated as a cardiologist in 2023. Charlotte has always had a passion for cosmetic medicine and has managed to become proficient in it. For her, beauty comes from the outside as well as from the inside. The combination and alternation of the medical and cosmetic gives her great satisfaction. Care, quality and the accentuation of natural beauty are paramount to her.

Rahik Ahmed

Doctor (BIG29923907401)

Rahik graduated as a doctor at the University of Amsterdam in 2017. Immediately after graduating, she started working as an emergency room doctor and as a doctor of surgery and ophthalmology. Her passion for cosmetic medicine started soon after. For Rahik, no treatment is the same and she carries out each treatment with the most precision and care. She is satisfied when her clients are. Rahik likes to keep her knowledge and skills up to date and travels worldwide to be trained by the biggest names in the cosmetic industry.

Ineke Zegstroo

Doctor (BIG8992948901)

Ineke graduated as a doctor at the VUmc in 2016, after she worked for a while in Aruba and Suriname. She has several years of experience in cardiology and has been working as a general practitioner since 2023. She performs minor surgical procedures, but also has a generalist view of body and psyche. She knows that both are connected. That is why she enjoys working with cosmetic injectables in addition to her profession as a general practitioner. Because “being good in your own skin is good for your health”.

Anne Marie Schorer

Doctor (BIG69931309901)

Anne-Marie graduated as a doctor at the University of Amsterdam. She worked in the hospital in surgery and emergency care, among other things. Her passion for facial surgery started early during her studies. The face is the first thing you see when you look at someone. In addition, every person is unique. Therefore she finds it important to look individually to every person to see how natural beauty can be subtly enhanced.


PR Manager

In 2017 Seylan graduated as a graphic designer fashion and trends oriented. From an early age she has always been interested in fashion and especially in the latest trends. She also likes to be involved with art, drawing/painting female bodies. Her greatest inspiration comes from the cosmetic industry. She is happy to come to Xavier all the way from Rotterdam to create nice designs for our social media and also to welcome you in our clinic.


Office Manager

Julia loves to dance from an early age. She is educated at the dance academy. After years of working for events and living in Miami for a while, she is now studying Psychology. In her spare time she works as a hostess at Xavier. Because she has always worked in the event industry, she is aware of how important it is to feel confident in your own body. Julia is happy to welcome you at Xavier with a nice cup of coffee and a smile.



Myrna is your hostess - and aspirant doctor - at Xavier Clinics. An enthusiastic student of medicine and biomedical sciences at the Free University of Amsterdam. She has a passion for aesthetics and is driven by medical progress. She will be happy to welcome you in our clinic where we offer a variety of treatments!

Quality and Safety

At Xavier, we are always working to improve the quality of our care. This is essential to provide our clients with the best possible care. We carry out internal safety and hygiene quality inspections at regular intervals. We also use only high quality, name brand products, developed over years of scientific research, to ensure the provision of reliable, predictable treatment.

When you visit our clinic, we must ask you to provide us with certain personal and medical information. You can rely on us to store this (medical) data safely, including any photos. We will obtain your explicit consent before using any of your photographs for training or education, scientific research or commercial purposes. Medical law stipulates that we must store your records for 15 years. You have the right to access your personal data. If you want to view your data, please send an email request to [email protected]