Disclaimer and privacy

How we handle your personal data:

To be able to administer your treatment, we’ll need to know certain things about you. Your name and address, and any relevant medical information, for instance. We will store this data. By choosing to undergo treatment at Xavier Clinics, you are consenting to this use of your data.

  • We use a treatment contract in accordance with the provisions of the Dutch Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO).
  • Your data remains stored at Xavier Clinics, and will only be shared with third parties if this is necessary for your treatment. If we must share your data due to legal obligations, we will only do so after obtaining your consent.
  • Do you want to know what personal data of yours we have stored? Please send us a written request.
  • If you believe the data we have stored for you is incorrect, you can ask us to change it by written request.
  • You may also ask us to remove your data. If we do this, we may no longer be able to administer your treatment responsibly. We have a legal obligation to store your data for 20 years. We use hidden archives for this purpose that cannot be accessed or used by our staff.
  • Do you want to withdraw your consent for the storage of your personal data? Again, this means that we may no longer be able to administer your treatment responsibly and your data will be stored in our archives (see above).
  • If you have any objection to our handling of your personal data, please let us know.
  • In the unfortunate event that your data were to become compromised, we would inform you of this fact.
  • We only process your data to be able to provide you with the best possible treatment and for no other purpose.
  • You are in safe hands with us, and so is your data. We do all we can to ensure this.
  • If you decided not to proceed with your treatment, we would always ask for your consent to store your data.
  • Any data received from third parties is also processed in accordance with the rules stated above.