Amber’s lipfillers

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Amber’s lipfillers

Lip fillers are starting to gain popularity. But which lip filler techniques can be applied?  There are different techniques for injecting fillers. One of them is the Russian method technique, which is very popular nowadays.

Amber is a client who has used this lipfiller technique at Xavier Clinics. We take you into her story about this Russian method.

What started your interest in lip fillers?
My interest started in 2018, when there was a revolution in the beauty ideal of the shape of lips. Big, full lips are the beauty ideal of our time. I had little upper lip, which bothered me a lot. From there I went to see which methods are available on the market.

Were you unsure about your lips?
Hell yes! At one point I was unsure about this, after which my search began about lipfillers. As I progressed my search, I became very enthusiastic about the Russian method. I found this to be an interesting method as it also plumps the edges of my lips, emphasizing the contours of my lips. In addition, the Russian method causes my upper lip to curl, making my lips look bigger.

How did you decide to visit our clinic?
Ofcourse I did my research first, because I have read a lot of horror stories on the internet. To prevent this kind of horror situations, I think it is very important that I am treated by a BIG-registered doctor. A BIG register is a Dutch register in which all healthcare professionals are registered. That way I can be sure that I will be treated by a doctor. I also think it is very important that a clinic is transparent and listens to my wishes. I wanted absolutely no duckface effect and I was told by the clinic that this can only happen if too many fillers have been injected into the lips. An honest clinic will therefore tell me when I have too much in my lips. With all these requirements, I searched for a clinic with these requirements and this brought me to Xavier Clinics.

How was your experience?
Very pleasant, I was asked about my medical file upon arrival and had an extensive intake interview. I have described my wishes. I was very nervous, but the doctor took her time and reassured me.

How are your lips now that you’ve taken lip fillers?
My lips were very swollen after the treatment, but this is normal. After a week most of my swelling was gone and after two weeks it was completely gone and I saw the final result and it was beautiful.  Not a duckface, but more volume in my lips. Just what I wanted.